Grilled Garlic bread

with herbs, balsamic, and olive oil
$  7.39

Garlic Fries

Garlic confit, herbs, pecorino romano
$  9.60

Fried Calamari

Dressed in lemon-parmesan over a small salad
$  14.49

Crab Cake Sliders

topped with remoula sauce and pea shoots
$  18.63

Deep Fried Artichokes

Locally grown and seasoned with our House seasonings
$  10.68

Steaks and Poultry

18oz Ribeye

Served with a side of seasonal veggies. Choice of baked potato or French fries
$  48.64

8 oz. Prime New York

$  $31.05

The House Burger

Rosemary aioli, gruyere, tomatoes, Crab House sauce Add-ons: Burger patty $6, bacon $4, avocado $2, egg $2
$  22.77

Bacon and Bleu Cheese Burge

A savory combination of crunchy bacon and pungent bleu cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato
$  24.85

Beyond Burger

Same set-up as the Cheeseburger but featuring an impressively authentic veggie patty
$  20.70

Chicken Piccata

Capers,fresh lemon juice, parsley, served with wild rice pilaf


6 Seasonal Chilled On The Half-Shell

cocktail sauce and horse radish
$  14.49


Bacon, fennel, hollandaise
$  18.10

Clam Chowder


$  6.21


$  9.32

Sourdough Bread Bowl

$  14.49

Fresh Seafood

Fish & Chips

Crispy and golden Alaskan Pollock, deep fried and served with French fries and dipping sauces.
$  18.63

Steamed Mussels and Clams

Clam-'Nduja broth, linguisa, tomatoes, grilled sourdough
$  23.80

Local Sand Dabs

A local delicacy, served over chive Risotto and lemon butter sauce
$  22.77


A healthy choice, served with pesto ricotto and wild mushrooms from the redwoods of Santa Cruz
$  20


Charbroiled and served over pesto Risotto, wild mushrooms, and sun-dried tomato tapenade
$  18

Calamari Combo

With 2 scallops, 2 grilled prawns, chive risotto, sauteed green beans, lemon beurre blanc
$  31.05

Diver Scallops

4 pan-seared scallops served with pesto Risotto and wild mushrooms
$  28

12oz Lobster Tail

Chive risotto, sauteed vegetables with baked potato, lemon beurre blanc
$  66.24

Dungeness Crab

Chive risotto, wilted pea shoots, lemon beurre blanc
$  Whole 55.89, Half Crab 26.99

Surf & Turf - 6oz Lobster Tail & 6oz Filet New York

Sauteed vegetables with baked potato, lemon beurre blanc,
$  77.62

The Crab House Cioppino

Stewed tomatoes and peppers, clams, mussels, calamari, prawns, crab legs, fish, grilled sourdough
$  43.47

Sandwiches (served with fries)

Buffalo Crispy Chicken

Beautiful, golden-fried chicken sandwich featuring aioli, Louisiana-style buffalo sauce, and melted swiss
$  12.42

Calamari Steak

The perfect combination where tartar sauce and tomatoes meet their tender counterpart the calamari steak for a perfect bite by the bay
$  16.56

Lobster Roll

This sandwich it at fresh and crisp as the cool ocean breeze, served on a sweet brioche roll with a fresh lobster salad filling
$  23.50

Alaskan Pollock

Satisfy your cravings with this soft and flaky, deep-fried miracle
$  14

The Crab House Burger

A classic American burger with lettuce, tomato, oinions, pickles, and cheese
$  15

Bacon & Bleu Cheese Burger

A savory combination of crunchy, juicy, bacon and pungent, robust bleu cheese
$  16

The Beyond Burger

Same set-up at the Crab House Burger but featuring an impressively authentic veggie patty
$  16

Porchetta & Brie

Our house-made porchetta, dressed up with melted swiss and apricot jelly
$  15

Saucy Entrees

Linguine & Clams

All clams, no shells, made-to-order in a delicious broth of clam juice, lemon, and butter
$  18

Shrimp Scampi

Mildly spicy twist on the Italian classic, loaded with garlic, chili flakes, lemon, and Parmesan
$  20

Crab House Cioppino

The epic Fisherman's Wharf classic comes with clams, mussels, fish, prawns, and crab legs that have been stewed in a tangy tomato and bell pepper broth. Served with garlic bread
$  25

Steamed Mussels & Clams

Sautéed and simmered to-order in a savory combo of smoky & zesty clam-lemon broth. Served with garlic bread
$  20


Red Velvet Lava Cake

Molten chocolate explosion hidden under a curtain of cream cheese-ganache
$  8

Basque-Style Cheesecake

A personal-sized cake with a beautifully golden brown top and handmade graham crust, baked especially for you
$  10

Blueberry Streusel

Gushing blueberries, folded into a moist and crumbly, cinnamon-enriched pastry.
$  8

Classic Prime Rib as Jus

*Friday & Saturday from 12pm until sold out*

12oz Regular Cut

$  22

16oz Chef's Cut

$  28